Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#10 Accountability

The other night, as I was sitting on my back porch enjoying a glass of great craft beer, I got this text from one of my greatest friends.

What happened to your blog? 

In an instant my world was filled with embarrassment, shame, and a intense sense of urgency to be better at life in general.  Honestly, I didn't even know this friend of mine had ever even read it.  And then the most dreadful thought occurred to me, what if I was refusing to accomplish the task that God had for me?

Accountability is a strange thing.  Like worship, like service, like community, it's not really something that we "do", it's more like something that happens "on accident".  To be a part of an accountability group is not the same as being accountable.  To be accountable is to trust another, and to follow through with what they are suggesting.

See, I really trust this friend, and when he says something that calls me to greatness, I go for it.  Not because this is something that I've signed up for, but because I know that he loves me, and he wants me to be who God has asked me to be.  His comments propel me to change and be changed by the grace that God is offering.

Do you have someone in your life?

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